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No Screenshot RSS Ole! 1.1
This RSS news aggregator supports all major RSS syndication formats.
Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 3010 KB;
Platform: Windows

No Screenshot Direct RSS 1.0
Direct RSS allows the creation and maintenance of an RSS syndication file WITHOUT the requirement to have a web site. Many blog publishing tools come with the capability of creating an RSS file of the blog. The purpose here is to create an independent RSS file direct from the desktop. A file of this type is accessible in any one of the RSS reader and/or aggregators available. A recommended news reader is NetNewsWire from Direct...
Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware  
Platform: Mac

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No Screenshot RSS Readers Set 7 1.0
Configuration XML file path and RSS feed are specified in the Flash HTML object code. Please note that there are two (2) locations in the HTML where these paths must be specified. 100% of the Flash 2004 Professional (Flash 7) source code is provided, including all .fla and .as files. DTD file is included to help validate your XML syntax. Font options in the XML configuration file allow you to make many customizations without any knowledge of...

Price: USD $5.00;   License: Commercial   File Size: 31 KB;
Platform: Not,Applicable

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No Screenshot RSS Submitter
Fast RSS Submitter helps you in easy way of submission of RSS Feed on various websites. With simple download, you can submit them at one click.

Price: USD $12.95;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 456 KB;
Platform: Windows XP, Windows , WinVista,Win7 x32,Win7 x64

Blog - Rss Software - Rss Aggregator - Rss Submit - Submit Rss Feed - Submit Blog - Create Rss Feed - Rss Submission - Rss Feed Submission - Rss Submitter
Screenshot of RSS Readers Set 2 RSS Readers Set 2 1.0
100% of the Flash 2004 Professional source code is included with your purchase. Many externally-stored XML options are available to help configure these applets. You can edit these options using any good text editor, like Textpad (homepage Set the URL target and delay speed, among other settings, with the external configuration XML file. Please note that these applets require PHP, and they require that you are able to retrieve remote URLs via...

Price: USD $5.00;   License: Commercial   File Size: 31 KB;
Platform: Not,Applicable

Rss Feed - Xml Feed - Rdf Feed - Really Simple Syndication - News Headlines Tools - Flash Rss - Rss Syndication - Rss Resources - Rss Development - Rss Viewer
No Screenshot Headline Viewer 0.9.5
Headline Viewer displays syndicated news headlines from over 3100 sources in a clean and organized fashion. Use Headline Viewer as a browser accessory, and scan headlines at lightning speed. Double-click on any interesting headline to open the full story in your browser. The program is fully skinnable and includes many user-settable preferences. Newest features: 2 new categories (Celebrities and Science). 256 new providers. The built-in list...

Price: USD $15.00;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 2641 KB;
Platform: Windows 95, Windows, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000

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Screenshot of Ektron CMS300 Ektron CMS300 4.8
Ektron CMS300 is a browser-based content management solution that lets business and technical users easily author and manage XML and HTML content. It strictly enforces content and Web page layout and delivers content to multiple sites and devices. Features include our eWebEditPro+XML editor, content check-in/out, flexible workflows, approval chains, versioning, audit trails, HTML and XML forms; scheduled content; calendar control; task...

Price: USD $6600.00;   License: Commercial   File Size: 77236 KB;
Platform: Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OSX

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No Screenshot Sir_Lancelot_NFA_Compliant 2011
Automated Forex Trading Systems - Excalibur V 3.5, Guinevere Auto Trader, Authur Automated Bank Trading System, Merlin Automated Forex Trader, Sir Lancelot.Sir Lancelot adapting technology from scalping methodology to adaptable trend follower.Lancelot has it's core strategy that it follows and when the market changes, Sir Lancelot will analyzes its data, alter its trading strategy, in order to profit in the new market condition.Sir Lancelot...

Price: USD $365.00;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 1 KB;
Platform: Linux, Windows 2000, Windows, Windows XP , Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinVista,WinVista x64

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No Screenshot Boardawy 3.3
Free open source code in Perl forum software and bulletin board system multi lingual multi theme SQL driven highly customisable, the ideal community solution for any web site. Boardawy is the web standard free open source code in Perl forum software and bulletin board system software with unparalleled features and tools with free support, multi lingual, multi theme, fully SQL driven, unlimited nested forums,Smileys, Visual html editor, BBCode...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 1413 KB;
Platform: Windows 95, Windows, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Linux , WinNT 3.x,Unix,Linux Console,Linux Gnome,Linux GPL,Linux Open Source,OpenVMS

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No Screenshot AWebPod Studio - Standard Edition 1.12
Produce audio and video podcasts and webcasts. This software is designed to empower both new and experienced computer users to create, gather content and produce polished audio and video broadcasting over the Internet.

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 8550 KB;
Platform: Windows

Rss - Aggregator - Feed - Xml - Feeds - Podcasting - Weblog - Blogger - Newsreader - Feed Reader
No Screenshot Orbiscope meta search 1.5.2
This program is a meta-search engine and Web site monitoring program. It allows you to add your own search engines and favorite Web sites, and you can include the bookmarks in customized categories. The software supports more than 80 search engines, and it implements all advanced search options of popular search engines.

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 13035 KB;
Platform: Windows

Internet Explorer Tool - Intelligent Agent - Essential Net Tool - Net Tool - Net Scan Tool - Question Ansewerer Web Watcher - Advanced Net Tool - Agent Intelligent Software - Agent Darpa Intelligent Resume - Agent Intelligent Rss Syndication
No Screenshot NanoBlogger 3.4
pros: * intuitive commandline interface * highly configurable and script-able :) * easy drafting, editing, and management of entries * archiving by category, year, month, day, and entry * pagination * permanent and navigational links * templates and CSS style sheets for full control over layout * placeholders for easy template manipulation * support for multiple weblogs * support for multiple categories * support for relative and absolute...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 92 KB;
Platform: Mac OS X 10.5 Intel, Mac OS X 10.5 PPC

No Screenshot Granet 1.2
About GranetGranet (Graph networking) is a simple, no-cost utility that graphs the throughput of each active network interface on your computer. It works with most any network interface recognized by the OS (including Ethernet, Airport, and PPP). Each interface is displayed in its own window which can be moved and re-sized from small to large. Each window scales independently so the graph is drawn appropriately throughout the throughput range.

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 204 KB;
Platform: Mac

Rss Syndication - Insurance Feed - Insurance Feeds - Insurance Rss
No Screenshot AysMon 1.5
About AysMonAysMon (Are You Serving Monitor) is a multi-purpose utility for monitoring system resources associated with network services. System administrators and other expert users benefit from continuous monitoring of critical aspects of network services of the host system.End-users will find AysMon an effective way to monitor throughput on their DSL, Cable, PPP, or other network connections as well as providing a friendly display of disk...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 256 KB;
Platform: Mac

Rss Syndication - Insurance Feed - Insurance Feeds - Insurance Rss
Screenshot of RSSOwl | RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader RSSOwl | RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader 1.2
RSSOwl is a free RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader written in Java using SWT as graphic library. RSS ("Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary") is a document specification that gives users the power to collect and organize Web-based news and information in a more efficient manner. Applications that collect data from RSS-compliant sites are called RSS readers or "aggregators". RSSOwl is such an application. It...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 4687 KB;
Platform: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Mac OSX, Linux , Mac PPC

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